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New RF fat reduction device treats large or multiple body areas rapidly

Article-New RF fat reduction device treats large or multiple body areas rapidly

Sponsored by Cutera

The most recent contender to enter the arena of non-invasive body contouring is the truSculpt iD from Cutera, Inc. (Brisbane, Calif.). This system utilizes 2 MHz monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy with real-time temperature control for clinically-demonstrated results in 15-minute sessions and can cover large or multiple areas simultaneously.

truSculpt iD features eight handpieces. Six of them are hands-free and when used in conjunction, will treat an area of 300 cm2. The remaining two are hand-held and used on petite or anatomically difficult areas to treat. Quick and easy treatments that achieve results make it very appealing to patients as well as practitioners, according to Michael Somenek, MD, a plastic surgeon in Washington, DC.

“This technology provides proven results with low-cost consumables and is easy and safe enough to delegate to trained staff,” he said. “Because it is inexpensive to operate, treats quickly and is comfortable with high patient satisfaction, ROI is high. You can turn around two patients per hour.”

Tahl N. Humes, DO, medical director of VITAHL Medical Aesthetics (Denver, Colo. and Chicago, Ill.), praised the versatility of truSculpt iD. “You can place these hand- pieces anywhere on the body safely, individually or in groups depending on desired treatment areas. For areas that don’t natu- rally lend themselves to this kind of use, you can use a handheld technique which works extremely well and treats in areas less accessible by other non-invasive devices.”

Treatment is completely automated once handpieces are in position. The proprietary Real-Time Temperature Control measures skin temperature and adjusts accordingly to reach the target temperature of >45° C (measured a few degrees cooler on the skin) throughout the subsurface fatty layer, explained Dr. Somenek.

“Theoretically, because we’re using RF energy, we may see improvements in skin quality overlying the treatment area. In my practice, the skin seems to be smoother and tighter, which is an additional effect our patients appreciate. I do not share this with patients during the consult because more research is needed and we must manage expectations, especially with body con- touring treatments. This makes it an unexpected benefit some patients experience.”

One consistent benefit is treatment comfort. “I just had one of these treatments done myself, and it does feel like a hot stone massage,” he continued. “Patients come in, undergo treatment, leave within 30 minutes total, and go back to work with no downtime whatsoever.”

Research has shown that truSculpt iD irreversibly disrupts approximately 24% of fat cells1 in the treatment area, which are removed by natural processes over about 12 weeks to create the consistent, discernable slimming effect. “According to histology, it takes a good 12 weeks before we see complete clearance of the inflammatory process, so we don’t promise patients that we’ll see results in six weeks,” said Dr. Somenek.

“Dr. Taub’s poster presentation research from 20171 included larger BMI patients as well as slimmer ones,” Dr. Humes noted, “and while most nonsurgical devices are best suited for patients who are close to their ideal weight, truSculpt iD is great for all body types. It is safe and easy to use anywhere, and on anyone, which with its comfort and results make it popular.”


1. Taub, AF. Poster presentation, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Annual Meeting, October 5 – 8, 2017. Chicago, Ill.

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