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Multipurpose StarWalker blasts tattoo pigment and decreases scarring

Article-Multipurpose StarWalker blasts tattoo pigment and decreases scarring


The third-generation StarWalker® laser platform from Fotona (Farmers Branch, Texas) features four complementary wavelengths for a vast array of applications. It is a workhorse, designed for functionality, versatility, reliability and long life, as well as safety, efficacy and comfort. Harnessing StarWalker’s immense capability, the proprietary FracTAT™ treatment can handle any tattoo or improve scarring.

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With Adaptive Structured Pulse (ASP) and Variable Square Pulse (VSP) technologies to allow modulation of both nanosecond and picosecond laser pulses with novel plasticity, the device extends both ends of the spectrum of what can be done with lasers, with an endless variety of future possibilities.

“The StarWalker platform is a unique innovation in laser technology,” said dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon Mark B. Taylor, M.D., founder and medical director of Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center (Salt Lake City, Utah). “You can combine nano- and picosecond pulses, delivering a base of nanosecond pulses with peaks of picosecond pulses for a best-of-both-worlds scenario.”

StarWalker users can choose from among the 1064 nm Nd:YAG, 532 nm KTP, 585 nm dye converter and 650 nm dye converter laser wavelengths. In addition, there are 14 delivery modes including FRAC3, MaQX, VERDE and VERSA3 to treat aging skin via removal of vascular and pigmented lesions, scars and tattoos, along with laser hair removal, among others.

A broad range of full beam and fractional handpieces allows further treatment customization. For tattoos and scarring, FracTAT is the way to go.

“FracTAT starts with the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser delivered wit powerful energy bursts, which in low fluence are great for non-ablative rejuvenation, but in high fluence produces the signature photomechanical effect of the picosecond laser to stimulate rejuvenation without thermal injury,” Dr. Taylor stated. “These ablative columnar openings are exceptionally ‘clean,’ and are even ideal for facilitating the delivery of topicals or platelet-rich plasma.”

Dr. Taylor combines FracTAT with full beam treatment and the spectrum of available wavelengths to treat any tattoo. “Having the ability to tackle the full range of tattoo pigment is great, to be sure, but the picosecond power of FracTAT is excellent for addressing deeply-implanted ink, which is otherwise resistant. If I use FracTAT first, then hit the area with full beam treatment, we can achieve outcomes previously unheard of with other tattoo removal technologies,” he shared.

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According to Dr. Taylor, when FracTAT and full beam are used together, there is a significant decrease in the number of treatments necessary to achieve the final result for most tattoos. “Sometimes people’s patience wanes over the course of the six to ten sessions required to remove most tattoos. Clearance is substantially accelerated with FracTAT and full beam combined.”

There are a few different mechanisms in play when using StarWalker’s FracTAT and full beam treatment to revise acne or any other type of scarring, explained Dr. Taylor.

“We improve circulation and aerate the scar, which we’ve been doing with ablative lasers for quite a few years. The clean, low-heat ablation means less pain and irritation, less post-inflammatory erythema, and a substantially improved recoveryexperience,” Dr. Taylor indicated. “There is some bleeding, but it stops in minutes and resolves quickly. This a relatively comfortable treatment that is safe and effective for virtually any body location or skin type.”


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