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Multi-application Transderm Ionto DEP safe for ancillary staff

Article-Multi-application Transderm Ionto DEP safe for ancillary staff

Now classified as a Class II medical device, the FDA-cleared Transderm Ionto DEP system from Mattioli Engineering Corp. (Arlington, Va.), facilitates the delivery of topically applied compounds without causing injury or otherwise compromising the dermal barrier.

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This enables a diverse range of uses in stand-alone therapies, or as an adjunct to other treatments to enhance healing, recovery and outcomes. Furthermore, the simplicity and safety of Transderm DEP make it ideal for delegation to ancillary staff, freeing the physician to focus on more challenging or profitable activities.

DEP stands for DermoElectroPoration, a controlled electric current enhancing skin permeability for safe and speedy penetration of topicals. Even molecules that are too large to penetrate the skin barrier by themselves can be implanted.

Transderm DEP users can count on homogeneous delivery of product, with real-time dispensation control and feedback via skin impedance measurement. The system can efficiently deliver 15 cc of product within 15 minutes and use of carrying gel or pre-charging of compound is unnecessary because it does not electrolytically modify product pH.

William M. Lee, M.D., of The Lee Clinic (Winchester, Va.) is dedicated to restorative medicine with organic solutions, and Transderm DEP is a growing part of his practice. “As part of our philosophy of care we provide therapies using non-invasive delivery of products with this device,” he said.

Dr. Lee has two burgeoning programs, Baby Cheeks (Transderm DEP-applied restorative face and décolleté formulation) and SCULPT (mild body shaping with compounds introduced via Transderm DEP), which serve as regular treatments for patients to enjoy on a restorative, then maintenance, basis.

“These are designed to provide patients with nice mild results in a comfortable setting, without requiring direct physician intervention each time they come in for a session,” he explained. “Transderm DEP is so safe and easy that there’s no concern about ancillary staff performing treatment. Meanwhile, I have a growing profit center to help keep my practice going.”

For Diana Seo, owner and founder of The Collagen Bar, an aesthetic medspa in Manhattan, N.Y. and Greenwich, Conn., featuring FDA-approved non-invasive aesthetic technologies, Transderm DEP is a mainstay.

“It does such a great job of infusing without damaging skin that I can use it on anybody. When doing facial infusions, patients are absolutely glowing immediately after treatment, which is why it is so popular with them. I also use it in conjunction with other therapies such as radiofrequency, after microdermabrasion, or any therapy where the skin is erythematous and may benefit from infusions that will improve recovery.”

Ms. Seo explains to patients that they will feel a tingle with some twitching of underlying musculature, which may be strange at first.

“Most patients have no trouble tolerating this. In some patients or sensitive body areas, such as the jawline, they may feel a tickle,” she elaborated. “If for any reason patients are uncomfortable, we can turn down the current slightly. It is very important to keep the treatment wand moving. After treatment, patients feel almost as if their face has had a workout.”


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