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Mixed wavelengths effectively remove unwanted hair in all skin types

Article-Mixed wavelengths effectively remove unwanted hair in all skin types


Thunder MT from Quanta System, SpA (Milan, Italy), provides physicians with a powerful and unique hair removal modality that uses two laser wavelengths (1064 nm Nd:YAG and 755 nm alexandrite) simultaneously or sequentially. This boosted Mixed Technology allows treatment of lighter- and darker-skinned patients with thick or thinner hair density, based on the settings chosen.

“All Fitzpatrick skin types can be treated,” said dermatologist and aesthetic surgeon Paolo Sbano, M.D., of the University of Siena (Siena, Italy). “The alexandrite laser is ideal for lighter skin and dark, thin hair. The Nd:YAG penetrates well, which is good for thicker hair and darker skin types. The combination of these two wavelengths, in simultaneous mixed mode, allows us to easily remove thin hairs with safety in darker phototypes using lower fluences. In our multicultural society, this is an advantage that gives me flexibility to treat anyone who comes into my clinic.”

Dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon Mark B. Taylor, M.D., founder and medical director of Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center (Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.), who is presently conducting a clinical trial with the device, agreed.

“Thunder MT allows you to treat unwanted hair in two different ways,” he said. “The alexandrite treats with more color-specificity, and the Nd:YAG penetrates deeply to the hair follicle, giving us a two-pronged attack. However, Mixed Technology opens up even more possibilities. For example, when treating darker-skinned patients, we would primarily use the Nd:YAG, but we can now mix low fluence alexandrite to harness this color-specific capability and reduce Nd:YAG fluence. This results in a more well-rounded hair removal treatment. It reduces the discomfort of Nd:YAG, and the low fluence 755 nm reduces the risk of overtreating the melanin in normal skin. You can treat hair of every color effectively, except white, with Thunder MT.”

The Super Elliptical Spot feature of Thunder MT increases the size of the treatment area, which improves speed and reduces overlapping of treatment zones, minimizing painful hot spots.

“With this feature, you not only obtain better coverage overall, it is easier to put spots together without overlapping,” Dr. Taylor shared. This consistently gives us a better, more even result and reduces treatment time. Different body areas, skin type and hair type will determine the treatment protocol and settings to be used, he added.

In addition to the wavelength mixing and Super Elliptical Spot capabilities, Thunder MT is equipped with an efficient integrated cooling system and a scanner that can perform a multi-pass treatment, according to Dr. Sbano.

“This overcomes a common limitation – pain – during epilation, especially in male patients. Before this technology, I had to spend more time with sensitive patients as we waited longer between pulses for discomfort to dissipate.”

“Between the large spot handpiece and multi-pass scanning, we have more applications available, such as laser facials to treat vascular lesions and pigmentation, so it is a versatile platform as well,” Dr. Taylor expressed.

“I see lots of potential for other applications. Also, Thunder MT is powerful enough to effectively drive higher fluences and larger spot sizes, reducing treatment times,” he said.


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