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Millennium Medical Technologies refines regenerative medicine

Article-Millennium Medical Technologies refines regenerative medicine


The future of aesthetics is regenerative medicine – the harnessing of the body’s often dormant natural mechanisms to stimulate healing and maintain youthful function. Adipose tissue, rich in progenitor cells and stem cells, is the business of Carlsbad, Calif.-based Millennium Medical Technologies (MMT), whose efforts in this arena are designed to not only shape the leading edge of regenerative aesthetics and medicine, but help others who may be developing their own technologies and ideas.

MMT is dedicated to the successful harvest of fat for body shaping, processing and transfer. According to David Angeloni, chief technology officer and president at MMT, the company began in aesthetic medicine with liposuction and autologous fat transfer products, before evolving into a driver of regenerative medicine.

“As we grew and learned from the physicians we worked with, we saw a need for better, safer, more efficient and cost-effective methods of harvesting and handling the current building blocks of regenerative medicine, adipose tissue and the powerful components within,” he explained. “This is changing how medicine is practiced within the aesthetic industry, but also medical fields outside of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, such as dermatology and orthopedics.”

MMT’s flagship device, AcquiCell™, features a vibrating cannula for gentler and less invasive harvesting and transferring of fat without the use of expensive consumables or time-consuming processing. This saves time and money without sacrificing safety or quality.

“Another key product, Lipo-Loop®, works perfectly with AcquiCell, but both stand alone as well,” Mr. Angeloni said. “Lipo-Loop creates a closed system that is simple and easy to use for fat grafting from tumescence to harvest to transplantation.”

The company also manufactures a wide variety of ancillary products such as tubing, pumps, cannulas and reusable canisters. MMT devices are FDA-cleared for fat collection and transfer.

Mr. Angeloni also noted that the company has some exciting new products in development planned for release in late 2018. “These products will help standardize autologous fat grafting procedures, which are currently fragmented due to differing products and opinions.”

In addition to manufacture and distribution of liposuction and autologous processing devices, MMT’s self-stated mission is to provide comprehensive solutions and support for harvesting, processing and deployment of FDA 361-compliant tissues and cells, as well as device development and support services.

“Our products are designed to meet FDA minimal-manipulation criteria”, said Mr. Angeloni. “There is a homologous-use component to 361 regulations, but that is not at the manufacturer level, it is between the physicians and their patients. We make no claims about the cells or what they do, or how they should be used.

“As medical researchers labor to discover additional approaches to harnessing and utilizing the remarkable regenerative properties of these tissues, we’re facilitating their work by offering safe, effective, efficient harvest and transfer modalities,” he continued. “We put science first and won’t sell or manufacture a product we wouldn’t use on ourselves or our families.”

While the science is still in its infancy and there are certainly regulatory minefields to navigate, Mr. Angeloni is excited about the future of MMT and regenerative medicine as a whole.

“There is tremendous potential, but scientists and physicians alike need viable material to work with,” he said. “We provide that for them, playing a part in the shape of things to come.”