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The Latest Technology for Semi-Ablative Skin Resurfacing

Article-The Latest Technology for Semi-Ablative Skin Resurfacing

Sponsored by Med Results Ablative skin resurfacing in aesthetic dermatology helps reduce the signs of photoaging, while restoring skin to a more youthful appearance.

Sponsored by Med Results

Ablative skin resurfacing in aesthetic dermatology helps reduce the signs of photoaging, while restoring skin to a more youthful appearance. While this treatment is mainly associated with lasers, PLEXR by Med Results (Los Angeles, Calif.) takes a new approach, utilizing plasma technology for semi-ablative resurfacing in a treatment they’ve named “Cat Resurfacing."

“As a medical technologist, my entire career has been dedicated to innovation and fi nding gentler, more respectful methods for skin The Latest Technology for Semi-Ablative Skin Resurfacingrejuvenation,” said Arash Kalantari, chief executive o  cer (CEO) and founder of Med Results. “This philosophy is at the heart of our new PLEXR treatments, and the PLEXR PLUS device, with its near-zero thermal damage, is a giant leap forward.”

Mr. Kalantari explained that PLEXR takes a new approach to ablative skin resurfacing by transforming atmospheric nitrogen into plasma outside of the skin. This eliminates the risk of deep tissue thermal damage, a fact he said is supported by numerous clinical studies.1

“PLEXR is the first plasma device developed for aesthetic purposes and is the only device that does not use radiofrequency (RF) or high current electricity to polarize nitrogen and generate plasma,” Mr. Kalantari clarified. “‘Cat Resurfacing’ is our latest treatment that o  ers the fastest recovery times and exceptional results for the face, neck, chest and more. Due to visibly improved skin and rapid recovery, Cat Resurfacing has become a popular choice among celebrities.”

Chris Croley, MD, an aesthetic physician, uses PLEXR for a variety of treatments including Cat Resurfacing in his practice, Skin & Tonic (Pace, Fla.). “PLEXR plasma treatments utilize clean plasma energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin, and can be used in a nano-ablative, semi-ablative or ablative fashion,” he reported. “Plasma energy has the ability to sublimate tissue without causing thermal damage and can therefore be used on all skin types. We mainly use it for soft surgical procedures such as upper and/or lower blepharoplasty, neck lifting and skin lesion removal.

“The PLEXR Cat Resurfacing treatment is a unique protocol utilizing plasma energy to induce a controlled superficial injury to the skin, resembling a cat scratch,” Dr. Croley explained. “During this treatment, plasma exeresis with PLEXR involves ionizing gas between its tip and the skin, creating a plasma arc, which gently removes damaged skin cells, prompting natural skin rejuvenation.”

Dr. Croley reported the ideal client for a PLEXR Cat Resurfacing procedure is 40 to 60 years old with mild to moderate skin texture abnormalities or mild to moderate dyschromia. “The treatment time is approximately 45 minutes, which includes time for topical anesthesia,” he noted. “We normally do one to two treatments spaced at least one month apart. Younger patients respond with fewer treatments, while older patients may need three treatments for more profound results.” He added that they often use topicals such as ACT O’ FEEL (Med Results) CD44 receptor activator for enhanced results, as well as topical anesthesia.

“The return on investment (ROI) is phenomenal with a per treatment consumable price of $20,” Dr. Croley added. “Our social media posts demonstrating PLEXR treatments generate far more leads than other procedures we post. Most importantly, over 90% of our patients report they are satisfi ed, would repeat the treatment, and recommend it to a friend or family member, making PLEXR one of the most important devices in our practice.”


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