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Laser Genesis and Cutera Portfolio Revitalize and Reduce Redness on all Skin Types

“Laser Genesis works by gently heating the dermis, It is a preferred treatment since it can address multiple concerns at one time. For example, we can treat someone in their 30s who is concerned with both adult-onset acne and the appearance of fine lines.”

Among the many aesthetic rejuvenation procedures that help physicians customize patient protocols, there are some treatments that are universal, such as Laser Genesis™ by Cutera® (Brisbane, Calif.).

Laser Genesis delivers gentle laser energy to revitalize skin and diminish signs of aging and redness. Performed on Cutera’s excel V+™, excel HR and xeo™ technology, it is a foundational treatment that addresses a wide range of aesthetic concerns and offers an advantage for physicians who desire to expand their cosmetic patient portfolio.1

Mira Kaga, MD, founder of The Kaga Institute (Marlboro, N.J.), combines advanced aesthetic techniques to achieve optimal results for her patients. She says her goal is to help patients look better, not different, and utilizes the Laser Genesis treatment to address multiple concerns.

“Laser Genesis works by gently heating the dermis,” she began. “It is a preferred treatment since it can address multiple concerns at one time. For example, we can treat someone in their 30s who is concerned with both adult-onset acne and the appearance of fine lines.”

Dr. Kaga explained the comprehensive treatment creates a firmer, tighter and more even appearance, while also tackling dermatological conditions.

hs.JPG“By stimulating collagen, Laser Genesis effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,  improves overall tone and texture of the skin and helps diminish redness in the treatment area,” she explained.

“Beyond an improved complexion, we can treat rosacea and sunspots, and lessen the appearance of pores. We also use it in our practice for nail fungus, bruises and more.”beforeandafter.JPG

This safe and effective treatment is reliable enough to treat patients before attending important events, thanks to the minimal downtime and few side effects.

Dermatologist Alex Kuritzky, MD, is a clinical instructor in the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science at The University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). “Laser Genesis is one of my cornerstone treatments for patients with concerns about their complexion,” she stated.

“It is a fantastic treatment for patients who want to treat redness, lighten  pigmentation and even out their overall skin tone, and it improves skin texture through stimulation of collagen production.”

Dr. Kuritzky shared one of her treatment protocols. “As a gentle, effective treatment, Laser Genesis can serve as a  wonderful entry into laser procedures for the uninitiated patient. Our induction protocol is a package of six treatments, spaced two to three weeks apart. We choose either Genesis 532 or 1064  depending  on  whether  the  patient  has  more pigment concerns (Genesis  532)  or  needs more collagen stimulation (Genesis 1064).”

She also explained that the treatment is an ef- effective maintenance strategy for patients who have had more intense therapies such as vascular laser treatment for redness or more aggressive collagen stimulating procedures.

Dr. Kaga optimizes patient outcomes by using Laser Genesis in combination with other treatments. “Patients can opt to get a facial before derrmaplaning to further enhance results. I also incorporate aftercare, which involves a hyaluronic acid serum as well as a phyto-corrective gel to soothe the skin,” she shared.

“If patients have acne, we can spot treat with our acne laser settings beforehand, and incorporate our rosacea treatment, or a few days after a SecretRF radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatment to speed up the healing process.”

With high throughput and no consumables for maximum return on investment, Cutera’s xeo and excel V+ platforms with Laser Genesis technology provide cosmetic practices the ability to increase their patient portfolio.

Best of all, high patient satisfaction is achieved with the variety of safe and effective revitalization treatments offered by Laser Genesis to help patients look and feel their best.


1. LaBrasca, Mistica, et al. Successful Treatment of Refractory Atopic Dermatitis With the Use of High-Peak Power 1064 Nm Nd:YAG Laser Therapy. The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, vol. 38, no. 3, Sept. 2021, pp. 143–149, doi:10.1177/0748806821989885.



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