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Introducing the Next Generation of Rapid Muscle Building Technology

Article-Introducing the Next Generation of Rapid Muscle Building Technology

Sponsored by: Cutera. Cutera’s truBody™ technology (Brisbane,Calif.) has changed the face of medical aesthetic practices everywhere. Today,physicians can add whole body, nonsurgical makeovers to their armamentarium of treat-ments, and take part in a $4.9 billion-dollar market that continues to grow.

Sponsored by: Cutera

Before and four weeks after one truSculpt iD and four truSculpt flex treatments.PNG

Cutera’s truBody™ technology (Brisbane, Calif.) has changed the face of medical aesthetic practices everywhere. Today, physicians can add whole body, nonsurgical makeovers to their armamentarium of treatments and take part in a $4.9 billion-dollar market that continues to grow.1

truBody is a system that pairs the technology of truSculpt® iD to treat subcutaneous fat for an average of 24% reduction with a convenient 15-minute treatment, and truSculpt® flex for muscle sculpting.2, 3, 4 This dynamic duo has become even more powerful with the introduction of the new flex+ mode rapid, 15-minute muscle-building treatment that results in an increase in muscle mass.

Nina Desai, DO, of Renew Laser & Skin in Sugar Land, Texas believes this new technology is perfect for busy men and women on the go, especially now, coming out of the pandemic.“I think the 15-minute option is perfect as people are getting their lives back together,” she explained.“I think patients are excited about the decrease in time, and it is going to make things more streamlined with no loss of efficacy.”

truSculpt flex’s shorter treatment time fits in with patients’ busy lifestyles. According to Tahl Humes, DO, medical director of Vitahl Medical Aesthetics (Denver, Colo.), the new setting has increased patient satisfaction.“Our patients come in for four 15-minutes treatments, so it is easy for them to schedule,” she explained.“They just pop into the office for 15 minutes, and they are done. As far as outcomes, we are seeing the same level of efficacy and results with 15 minutes as the 45-minute treatment, and our patients are much happier.”

Individualized treatment plans allow physicians to utilize the unique Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to strengthen, firm, and tone select muscles with up to 54,000 contractions per session. With the ability to treat up to eight areas simultaneously, the truSculpt flex stimulates five different workouts that help tone and sculpt muscles and create muscle confusion for effective results.

Dr. Desai explained that she uses the truSculpt flex with the truSculpt iD for greater efficacy.“We love truBody, which pairs truSculpt flex with the 15-minute truSculpt iD,” she reported.“I think the combination of heat and muscle stimulation increases the efficacy of both treatments as far as fat loss and muscle building, and we are able to maintain those results with quick and easy follow-up treatments.”

Dr. Humes also pairs the two technologies for optimal results.“You should look at the patient and decide how to help them reach their ultimate goal,” she stated.“For example, if they want abs, I can damage their subcutaneous fat with truSculpt iD and strengthen their muscles with truSculpt flex. I do one treatment of truSculpt iD and on that same day start the truSculpt flex. I then continue flex+ mode twice a week for a total of four treatments.”

Nina G. Desai, DO (Sugarland, TX).jpgNina Desai,DO  Renew Laser & Skin Sugar Land, TX
microneedling, wrinkles, acne, dark spots, scarring, scars, skin rejuvenationTahl Humes, DO Medical Director Vitahl Medical Aesthetics     Denver, CO

According to Dr. Humes, the efficiency of this new treatment time results in great patient satisfaction as well as a greater return on investment (ROI).“The faster you are in and out of the room, the higher your ROI is. To be able to increase the power on the device adds value not just for the patient but to the business as a whole.”

In Dr. Desai’s experience, “The benefits are positive for everyone; we make more money, patients are happier, and the great results means increased patient loyalty and referrals.” With the ability to delegate treatments and shorter treatment times, the truSculpt flex+ will allow any aesthetic practice to flex their own muscle.


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