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Interactive Skin Visualization Platform Transforms Practice Workflow

Article-Interactive Skin Visualization Platform Transforms Practice Workflow

Sponsored By Sylton; In a busy aesthetic practice, optimizing workflow can be a challenge; efficiency relies on quick, clear communication between providers, office staff and patients.

Sponsored By Sylton;

In a busy aesthetic practice, optimizing workflow can be a challenge; efficiency relies on quick, clear communication between providers, office staff and patients. Kelly Hermans, CRNA, founder of Beautiphi Aesthetic Boutique (Rochester Hills, Mich.), believes she has found a gamechanging solution: Observ® 520x from Sylton (Ann Arbor, Mich.).

The Observ captures high-definition (HD) images from five different angles with ten different light modes to assess skin health at the epidermal and dermal layer. Available light modes include Daylight, True UV, WOODS (Wood’s Lamp), Cross and Parallel Polarized, Surface Texture, Pigmentation, Vascularity and 360 Light Mode in both daylight and greyscale.


“I use Observ 520x during all my new patient appointments and consultations, and it has really helped my business,” Ms. Hermans shared. “My background is anesthesia, so I come from the hospital world where we use these things called workstations on wheels – and that is how I use it.”

Observ 520x’s patented face positioning system and hood sit on top of a stand with wheels, allowing the device to move as needed. “When I have a busy day of seeing patients, I can go from room to room and just roll it with me,” she mentioned. “The same iPad that I chart with, I use to connect to the camera via the docking station on the back of the device, and the cloud-based app stores all the images and notes I take. I have everything I need at my fingertips.

“Once the information is in the app, anyone in the office can pull it up immediately,” Ms. Hermans added. “It is great for patients too because I can send images, recommended skincare products, treatment progress and plans, and even a cost estimate, straight to their email where it will not get lost. It keeps everyone on the same page.”

In Ms. Hermans experience, patients also benefit from being able to see their skin from an objective viewpoint. “Before using Observ 520x, I would essentially explain the patient’s skin condition based off of what I saw upon physical examination,” she explained. “But I have learned that patients often have a hard time seeing themselves objectively.

“Patients look at themselves every day,” added Ms. Hermans. “They may not see how their skin has changed because the changes are too gradual. With Observ 520x, the evidence is right there, and it is hard to argue with. It really opens the door for better conversation between providers and patients.”


By taking updated pictures with every visit, Ms. Hermans also reinforces patient trust in her expertise and treatment strategy. “My practice is very membership based because I do not believe patients can see significant changes with just one or two treatments a year,” she explained. “As a result, I have had patients come to me after two out of six treatments saying, ‘I do not see a result, but I just spent $4,000.’ My immediate response is always, ‘Let’s do a scan real quick!’ I do not try to convince the patient they look better. Observ 520x does the talking for me.”

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