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Innovative App Makes Skin Treatment Patient Friendly

Article-Innovative App Makes Skin Treatment Patient Friendly

Sponsored by: Quanta System. A new and innovative Skin App technology integrated within the multi-wavelength Chrome Lase Station from Quanta System system, allows patients to better understand their skin and its needs, improving the efficacy of the physician consult and inspiring more thorough patient engagement.

Sponsored by: Quanta System

The multi-wavelength Chrome Lase Station from Quanta System (Milan, Italy) features multiple laser and light treatments, with up to three laser wavelengths (1064 nm Nd: YAG, 2940 nm Er: YAG, and 532 nm) plus an IPL emitter, and a variety of dedicated handpieces. However, the real innovation lies in the dedicated Skin App technology integrated within the system. Patients can better understand their skin and its needs, improving the efficacy of the physician consult and inspiring more thorough patient engagement.

According to Nicola Zerbinati, MD, professor of Dermatology at University of Pavia, Italy, the purpose of Skin App is to use ubiquitous modern technology to better educate the patient.“The patient is placed at the center of this concept in a unique way with Skin App,” he said.“It is a turning point in providing patients a thorough explanation about their skin and possible treatment results. This more contemporary means of communication engages and inspires the patient.”

The device itself is the culmination of a 35-year heritage of medical laser development and is designed to provide an expansive range of safe, effective treatment options for the treatment of skin. In addition, the device can grow with the practice. The core system is expandable with optional modules, allowing practitioners to utilize the device at whatever level best suits their needs. The different wavelengths can be modulated by fluence, pulse width, repetition rate, spot size, and ‘Microbeam’ modes, as well as in Q-switched, Opti-Pulse, and pulsed delivery modes. The Twain IPL features six light wavelength ranges.“The basic module starts with the new Quanta Zoom handpiece, which offers an assortment of multiple round spot handpieces all in one. Users can adjust the spot size to treat single benign pigmented lesions or even benign dermatological vessels,” said Prof. Zerbinati.

Nicola-Zerbinati.jpgNicola Zerbinati, MD Professor of Dermatology University of PaviaPavia, Italy

Although more than 50 therapies can be performed with the device, there are five featured offerings: Décolleté addresses aging skin and vascularization in that area, as well as evens out skin tone; Refresh pro-motes homogeneous skin tone and reduces lines and wrinkles. Define combines laser peel-based skin restoration with deeper resurfacing and collagen remodeling, while resurfacing and peeling, plus reduction of benign vascularization, is the objective of Revivo.

Before and after NaturaPeel treatment with the Chrome Lase Station.PNG

But the greatest offering, according to Prof.Zerbinati, is NaturaPeel.“This is the ultimate treatment to tackle the most patient requests,” he stated.“I use it every day for patients that want to fight the first signs of photo-aging to prevent deep wrinkle formation. NaturaPeel involves a light laser peel of the most superficial cutaneous layers and is absolutely painless, non-invasive, and free of downtime, with immediate visible results.NaturaPeel is very fast and allows me to treat several patients even during a lunch break. It is a ready-to-go treatment.”

As safe and effective as the numerous options are, the utility and versatility of Chrome is immeasurably enhanced with the Skin App, which can be linked with NaturaPeel, Refresh, Décolleté, Define and Revivo treatments.“When you combine the device with Skin App, you can help patients figure out what they really want with visual guidance, and it helps manage expectations considerably. Together they provide an innovative advantage as we progress further into the digital world.”

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