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How MiXto fits into my practice

Article-How MiXto fits into my practice


With over 15 devices in my practice, I have plenty of options for treatments and patients. Naturally, over the years I have established my favorite devices, as well as my less utilized devices. With multiple applications and predictable results, the MiXto is one of my top three devices, and I use it frequently.

MiXto’s patented scan pattern and micro laser spot size of 180 μm are just two of the advanced features that make this system stand out in its class of lasers.

Based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm, the MiXto’s scanning pattern leaves the largest amount of time possible between adjacent laser spots, while filling in the targeted square area of tissue. This allows each spot to cool before any adjacent spots are placed next to it, thus decreasing adjacent heating.

In addition, the fractional setting offers variable intensities, which I customize to each patient. I have low-, mid- and high- intensity settings that allow me to match desired results and downtime. The MiXto can use a 180 μm or 300 μm laser spot. I prefer the 180 μm laser for acne scar treatment or more aggressive resurfacing. With the smaller laser spot procedural pain is decreased and healing is accelerated, resulting in fewer adverse events. I use the 300 μm laser spot for more superficial applications and body treatments.

One of my favorite techniques is to combine the MiXto with Sculptra and IPL. This multi-faceted improvement of sun damaged skin, pigmentary changes and volume restoration gives the patient a more global enhancement.

With no disposable costs there are no obstacles prohibiting use of the MiXto for small treatments such as sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags or ice pick scars. It is also my go-to for scar resurfacing post face-lift, abdominoplasty or breast augmentation.

The MiXto device has been reliable and Lasering USA is responsive and helpful, whether for repairs or to discuss different treatment parameters.

I am often approached by physicians just starting their laser practice. I say MiXto is a must for any new practice – the relatively lower acquisition cost and diverse treatment options make it very attractive.

Ken Oleszek, MD, MiXto, laser resurfacingKen Oleszek, M.D.

Dr. Oleszek attended medical school in Denver at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and completed his internal medicine residency at the University of New Mexico. He is the owner and medical director of La Fontaine Aesthetics in Denver, Colo., a medical aesthetic practice focused on innovative minimally invasive treatments. His practice won an Aesthetic Award for Best Non-Surgical Facial Enhancement at The Aesthetic Show.