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Hot Products in 2023

Article-Hot Products in 2023

Hot Products in 2023
This edition of Hot Products is filled with innovative aesthetic technologies that ensure high-quality, customized treatment results with greater control and improved manageability for practitioners

Get the latest updates on highly sophisticated lasers with preset parameters for predictable results and char-free skin resurfacing. Other highlights include a reimagined approach to platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the first fully digital microneedling device and a full-face treatment to improve lift and muscle tone naturally in less than 20 minutes. Finally, enhance treatment outcomes with updated skin boosting topicals that use the power of platelets, live exosomes and polydioxanone (PDO) thread material. Prepare for an enthralling exploration of cutting-edge products, technologies and therapies currently available.

1-DP Derm.PNG

DP4 The DP4 microneedling pen from Dp Derm is an advanced fractional micro-channeling device. FDA cleared for treating facial acne scars, it offers a dedicated scar treatment (ST) setting. The DP4 is also the first fully digital device, combining bluetooth, radiofrequency identification (RFID), dual power and turbo-cut battery systems to offer a fast and efficient microneedling treatment. With the ability to create up to 1,920 micro-channels per second, large areas can be treated faster, with exceptional outcomes and minimal discomfort and downtime. Each 16-needle cartridge features multiple anti-contamination seals, and an integrated RFID chip which allows for continuous calibration to ensure precise, reliable and dragfree needle penetration.

Dp Derm: (305) 552-0550 /


Exion The newcomer Exion features four distinct, powerful applications in a single platform for treatment of the face and body without surgery or injectables. The fractional radiofrequency (RF) applicator is monopolar RF with AI-controlled energy delivery. Its Extended Mode allows comfortable treatment at depth below needle insertion, up to 8 mm total depth. Its Face and Body applicators are each a patented combination of monopolar RF and targeted ultrasound (TUS). The Face applicator uses targeted rather than dispersed ultrasound (US). The Body applicator features cooling to help manage comfort as well as the effect — without cooling the effect is more superficial but with cooling, the effect is driven deeper. The EMFEMME 360 applicator is a feminine wellness technology indicated for temporary increase in local circulation, muscle pain relief and muscle relaxation.

BTL Industries, Inc.: (866) 285-1656 /


CAREprp Introducing CAREprp™, a completely reimagined approach to platelet-rich plasma (PRP). CAREprp optimizes plasma separation through our unique hourglass tube design revealing 12-14 cc of high quality PRP in a short, three-minute spin cycle. CAREprp’s breakthrough design securely seals away contaminants, while allowing for customizable concentration and industry-leading platelet recovery for even more personalization. This rapid, easy and reliable system has changed the PRP game.

CAREprp: (855) 892-3872 / / [email protected]


FF3 Biointensive GF As a reactivation corrector for menopausal skin, Vivant’s FF3 Biointensive GF uses GFP Complex to promote neocollagenesis, organize collagen fibers and regulate cell turnover leaving estrogen depleted skin feeling plumper. GFP Complex is the novel joining of vitamin A and growth factor technology with select amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids to repair the skin’s support matrix at a cellular level.

Vivant Skincare; (800) 984-8268 / / [email protected]


The Aesthetic Needle The Aesthetic Needle 32G x 13 mm (32G x 1/2”) 100/box #32G59875 box contains 100 disposable premium sterile hypodermic needles with an individually sealed cap. They are made of surgical stainless steel with a polypropylene hub that are suitable for different needs. It is a convenient universal fit created for single use only.

Merit Pharmaceutical / Medigrative / MERITPOINT: (800) 696-MERIT (63748) / / [email protected]


ADVATx Designed for the modern practitioner, ADVATx combines 589 nm and 1319 nm wavelengths into one handpiece, making it a gold standard for addressing vascular abnormalities and non-ablative resurfacing. It is designed to be easy to operate with preset treatment parameters for the most popular indications. ADVATx delivers soft, individual pulses of energy to minimize discomfort and unwanted side effects to the surrounding tissues. The duration of individual pulses and the pulseto-pulse spacings are significantly shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the vessels, so the skin perceives them as a single pulse. With a safe and versatile profile, you can count on ADVATx to deliver results.

ADVALight: (888) 354-5551 /


BIOJUVE BIOJUVE™ is a living microbe technology for skin biome care. The Xycrobe™ technology within BIOJUVE contains a specific strain of a skin native bacteria, C. acnes defendens. These microbes live on the skin surface and deep within the hair follicles and naturally produce important Bioessentials™ 24/7 to help optimize skin health and rebalance the skin biome. Bioessentials are proteins, fatty acids, polypeptides and antioxidants that help to support a healthy skin environment, fight oxidative stressors, promote proper skin hydration, calm the skin, decrease the appearance of erythema and help to balance sebum production. BIOJUVE is clinically proven to create significant improvements in the appearance of texture, tone, pore size, fine lines, wrinkles and photodamage in as little as one week*.
*Results may vary.

Crown Aesthetics: (888) 372-3982 /



PDO AfterGlo Brighten, tighten and add volume to the skin with this new polymer skin booster formulated with polydioxanone powder and hyaluronic acid, which is a safe and effective option for correction of volume loss and rejuvenation of photoaging skin. PDO powder is comprised of microspheres made out of the same material as PDO threads. Suspended in hyaluronic acid and sterile water, these particles are soluble. The serum is then penetrated into the dermis in many ways like microneedling and microchanneling. PDO AfterGlo™ is formulated to activate the efficacy of PDO itself to aid in the production of collagen and increase skin elasticity.

PDO Max, Inc.: (800) 670-0225 / / [email protected]


Tinted Serum Broad Spectrum SPF50+ The Tinted Serum Broad Spectrum SPF50+ is a ground-breaking zinc superfluid serum created for superior solar and environmental protection. This hydrating sunscreen is supremely lightweight and compliments all six Fitzpatrick skin types by appearing translucent and virtually undetectable once applied. Its sheer micro-emulsion activates a protective shield around cells to build resilience from everyday aggressors, while cultivating a comforted, calm and radiant complexion. It is formulated with proprietary zinc fusion technology (containing 24% zinc oxide), iron oxides, melanin, acetyl tetrapeptide-22, hydrolyzed keratin, 3D shield technology and 7-dehydrocholesterol. This provides superlative solar constant protection against UVA, UVB, visible light, infrared radiation and pollution, while reducing signs of redness, inflammation and strengthening barrier function.

RATIONALE: (424) 430-6698 / / [email protected]


Accufit Accufit, a non-invasive direct electrical muscle stimulation device from Lutronic, Inc., is designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the target body area by providing electrical stimulation to nerves and muscles for muscle re-education. It offers multiple advantages over other muscle stimulation devices, including three times the power of indirect functional magnet stimulation, anatomically correct muscle movements, and the ability to move muscle groups in a natural way. Accufit’s integrated intelligence consistently delivers energy and comfort, regardless of body mass index (BMI), by changing the workout based on the treated muscle group.

Lutronic: (888) 588-7644 /


EXOVEX Exocel Bio employs an innovative proprietary incubation medium and a stringent nine-step GXP process to produce the highest potency and safety profile of all the exosomes currently available. Our proprietary blend of precision miRNA plus growth factors, peptides, cytokines and matrix proteins are specifically designed for topical procedure applications and have been shown to support several desirable aesthetic skincare outcomes. EXOVEX is designed as a companion product for skin and hair rejuvenation, used in post-microneedling or energy-based aesthetic applications. The nonlyophilized live exosomes with growth factors and miRNA in EXOVEX help reduce the signs of aging, alleviating the stress of modern living and promoting healing for all skin and scalp types. EXOVEX is a line of professionalgrade aesthetic serums that support the body’s natural ability to turn back time.

Exocel Bio: (858) 255-4499 /


Helix The Helix™ dual wavelength laser system from DEKA is the new platform for ablation, vaporization, excision, incision and coagulation of soft tissue in dermatology and plastic surgery. Helix is equipped with a double wavelength fractional scanner applicator, comprising 10,600 nm and 1570 nm. Helix works with each wavelength either independently or combined, allowing tunable balance between ablation and coagulation depths. Layer-by-layer char-free skin resurfacing, provides excellent results on all skin conditions but also enhances the safety of the treatment with greater predictability and reproducibility.

DEKA M.E.L.A. s.r.l.: +39 055 887 4942 /


Viola Threads Bring inner beauty to the outer surface and reverse the appearance of skin age with minimally invasive Viola Threads. Having FDA 510k clearance (#K190264) for Polydioxanone (PDO) threads allows Viola Threads to offer practitioners and other medical professionals competitive pricing. The Viola line offers a variety of products for applicable treatment areas ranging across the face and body to enhance facial contour, stimulate volume, revert wrinkles and fine lines, in addition to lifting and anchoring heavier skin tissue and more. Viola Threads offers a signature preparation style with its packaging and pouches that preserve the efficiency of the thread, extending the expiration date up to three years when the pouch remains unopened and in proper condition. PDO threads are FDA cleared for barbed sutures and are indicated for use in soft tissue, where the use of absorbable sutures is appropriate.

Viola Threads: (213) 351-0001 / / [email protected]


( plated ) Skin Science CALM ( plated )™ Skin Science harnesses the power of platelets, designed with Renewosome™ technology — our proprietary ingredient which provides a defense against the visible signs of aging and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots and redness. CALM is a platelet-derived serum, uniquely formulated with a high concentration of Renewosome technology, to help prepare, soothe and calm the skin after a laser procedure. This formulation provides a cooling sensation upon application and an extra boost of moisturizing hyaluronic acid to help support post-laser procedure recovery.

Rion Aesthetics: (844) 495-7466 / / [email protected]


Blu Butter Brazilian Bum Creme contour + glow Smooth, moisturize and contour for luminous and peachy skin. Glow contouring butter-creme targets cellulite and hydrates, firms and lifts the skin. Potent antioxidant-rich plant extracts smooth and tightens the appearance of crepey and sagging skin to refine and redefine the structural contours. Luxurious Brazil Nut Oil combined with shea butter and vita blu complex leave a younger, firmer bouncy glow.

Martinni Beauty, Inc.: (888) 440-8811 /


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