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Hot Products in 2023

Article-Hot Products in 2023

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With aesthetic medicine trending towards advancements in treatments that are less invasive yet effective, this month’s Hot Products feature will showcase those that stand out with exciting technologies that benefit both physicians and patients.

Injectables have never been easier with needles that contribute to patient comfort and safety. Highly sophisticated lasers not only improve the look and quality of the patients’ skin with targeted treatments and no downtime, but make the physician’s job easier with no consumables. Product updates would not be complete without mentioning the exciting advancements in the rejuvenation sector. Today’s aesthetic physicians have the opportunity to offer patients multiple non-invasive treatments to tighten, tone and lift skin, in addition to topicals that improve skin quality or support post-procedure recovery. Reimagine platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with short, three-minute spin cycles and customizable concentrations. Read on to learn more and keep your practice on top of the technological paradigm shift in the aesthetic industry.


Viola Threads

 Bring inner beauty to the outer surface and reverse the appearance of skin age with minimally invasive Viola Threads. Having FDA 510k clearance (#K190264) for Polydioxanone (PDO) threads allows Viola Threads to offer practitioners and other medical professionals competitive pricing. The Viola line offers a variety of products for applicable treatment areas ranging across the face and body to enhance facial contour, stimulate volume, revert wrinkles and fine lines, in addition to lifting and anchoring heavier skin tissue and more. Viola Threads offers a signature preparation style with its packaging and pouches that preserve the efficiency of the thread, extending the expiration date up to three years when the pouch remains unopened and in proper condition. PDO threads are FDA cleared for barbed sutures and are indicated for use in soft tissue, where the use of absorbable sutures is appropriate.

Viola Threads: (213) 351-0001 / / [email protected]



Dp Dermaceuticals MG-EXO-SKIN serves as the new non-negotiable for in-clinic regenerative procedures. Pioneering the purest, highest quality exosomes, harvested from Wharton’s Jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells, only MG-EXO-SKIN revolutionizes aesthetic treatments with dual HylaFuse and Calphasomedelivery systems. An exosome is a nanosized, extracellular vesicle found in cells, particularly in human stem cells. They contain biomolecules such as proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, and act as messengers from stem cells to other cells, playing a vital role in intercellular communication, tissue healing, regeneration and repair. To further maximize the results of in-clinic procedures with MG-EXO-SKIN, patients are required to continue at-home skin rejuvenation protocols with Dp Dermaceuticals EXO-SKIN. The non-negotiable dynamic duo delivers an exciting force in regenerative medicine, revolutionizing aesthetic procedures, skin health and quality.

Dp Derm: (305) 552-0550 /



Combining the new gold standard wavelength for addressing vascular abnormalities with non-ablative resurfacing, the ADVATx allows the provider to treat 25 FDA and CE-cleared indications without using consumables.

ADVALight: (888) 354-5551 /


The Aesthetic Needle

The Aesthetic Needle 32G x 13 mm (32G x 1/2”) 100/Box #32G59875 Box contains 100 disposable premium sterile hypodermic needles with an individually sealed cap. They are made of surgical stainless steel with a polypropylene hub that is suitable for different needs. It is a convenient universal fit created for single use only.

Merit Pharmaceutical / Medigrative / MERITPOINT: (800) 696-MERIT (63748) / / [email protected]



The new Helix dual-wavelength laser system, from DEKA, is the new platform for ablation, vaporization, excision, incision and coagulation of soft tissue in dermatology and plastic surgery. Helix is equipped with a dual-wavelength fractional scanner applicator, comprising 10,600 nm and 1570 nm. Helix may work with each wavelength either independently or combined, to allow tunable balance between ablation and coagulation depths for layer-by-layer char-free skin resurfacing, providing excellent results on all skin conditions, but also enhancing the safety via greater treatment predictability and reproducibility. DEKA’s proprietary PSD® Technology is able to provide different pulse shapes for specific needs, unique SPRAY mode allows for complete disappearing of post laser demarcation lines, Coolpeel delivers a fully-ablative treatment without damaging surrounding tissue with no downtime and impressive skin-resurfacing results.

DEKA M.E.L.A. s.r.l.: +39 055 887 4942 /



Emface is a revolution in facial treatments. By emitting both Synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES ) energies, it simultaneously affects the skin and muscles. The end result, on average, is 37% fewer wrinkles, 30% more muscle tone, and 23% more lift, naturally without needles. Best of all, Emface treats the full face in only 20 minutes.
BTL Industries, Inc.: (866) 285-1656 /



Think you have seen PRP systems before? Think again! Introducing CAREprp, a completely reimagined approach to platelet-rich plasma (PRP). CAREprp optimizes plasma separation through our unique hourglass tube design revealing 12-14 cc of high quality PRP in a short, three-minute spin cycle. CAREprp’s breakthrough design securely seals away contaminants, while allowing for customizable concentration and industry-leading platelet recovery for even more personalization. The rapid, easy and reliable CAREprp system has changed the PRP game. Connect today for a private demo to see for yourself.

CAREprp: (855) 892-3872 / / [email protected]


( plated ) Skin Science CALM

 ( plated ) Skin Science harnesses the power of platelets, designed with Renewosome technology, our proprietary ingredient which provides a defense against the visible signs of aging and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots and redness. CALM is a platelet-derived serum, uniquely formulated with a high concentration of Renewosome technology, to help prepare, soothe and calm the skin after a laser procedure. This formulation provides a cooling sensation upon application and an extra boost of moisturizing hyaluronic acid to help support post-laser procedure recovery.

Rion Aesthetics: (844) 495-7466 / / [email protected]

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