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Discovery pico family expands with new derm model

Article-Discovery pico family expands with new derm model


Quanta System (Samarate, Varese, Italy) has expanded its Discovery Pico (DP) Family of lasers with the addition of the new Discovery Pico DERM. The company has announced that it will introduce this new model at the upcoming AAD 2019 meeting.

The Discovery Pico series of lasers is mainly dedicated mainly dedicated to fractionated skin treatments and benign pigmented lesion removal, though the removal of tattoos is still an ideal indication.
Discovery Pico DERM is a 532 nm / 1064 nm Nd:YAG picosecond laser that can also emit the 1064 nm energy in Photo-Thermal Mode (microseconds). Delivering up to 600 mJ at 450 ps (1064 nm) and 300 mJ at 400 ps (532 nm) with a remarkable 1.33 GW of peak power, the system provides effective fractional skin treatments for acne scars and wrinkles.

Together with Discovery Pico and DP Plus, this new model belongs to the Discovery Pico Family, which the company says is the widest and most versatile second-generation picosecond laser series available. The patented Pico-Boost Technology delivers high energy and up to 1.8 GW of peak power (DP and DP Plus), and thanks to multiple emission modes, the Quattro Pulse function grants power and flexibility (DP and DP Plus).

“I’m surprised by the fluence that can be delivered with a very large spot size – the bigger the spot size, the deeper the penetration,” said Matteo Tretti Clementoni, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Milan, Italy. The Discovery Pico laser’s maximum 1.8 GW (at 1064 nm) allows for large spot sizes with the right fluence for treating deep pigment, such as a tattoo on a man’s back, quickly.

With the 532 nm, 1064 nm and Q-switched 694 nm wavelengths, Dr. Clementoni can treat most classic tattoo colors (black, red, green and purple). “Compared to Q-switched lasers, with the Pico Plus, we can reduce the total number of sessions by at least 20%, and I don’t have tattoo ghosting as in some cases with Q-switched devices.”

Discovery Pico Plus is the first system adding a third wavelength, the ruby 694 nm, which is ideal for targeting notoriously difficult light blue and green tattoo ink. And, the wavelengths are true laser wavelengths rather than dye converter based.

“This gives you three wavelengths in one laser, which cuts the cost of needing additional systems without sacrificing power,” said dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon Mark B. Taylor, M.D., founder and medical director of Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center (Salt Lake City, Utah). “In other systems, the integration of a dye converter into the handpieces reduces fluence making lasers less effective.”

The power level, flexibility of pulse emissions and the available accessories and handpieces make the lasers in the DP series extremely versatile, offering outstanding results even when performing fractionated treatments.

“What we have is a tremendous amount of flexibility with Discovery Pico,” Dr. Taylor continued. “Due to the high peak power, you can work effectively within a wide range of fluences and spot sizes, using lower fluence to create traditional LIOBs or increasing the fluence to create clean, ablative “holes” or channels within the skin. With higher fluence you tighten skin, revise scars and can improve wrinkles, as well as the overall texture of the skin. Treatment improves local circulation and stimulates the healing response. You can treat more gently in multiple sessions, or you can be very aggressive, using five to ten passes, still seeing rapid healing and low downtime.”

Now with the introduction of DP DERM, the DP Family is composed of versatile and specialized models that perfectly fit the needs of all professionals and practitioners.

“Overall the Discovery Pico system is high powered, safe, effective, versatile and reliable,” said Thomas E. Griffin, M.D., director of the Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center at Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting (Plymouth Meeting, Penn.). “With three true laser wavelengths, four pulse emission modes and a unique fractional handpiece, the Discovery Pico is a real technology evolution.”

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