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Combined HIFEM and Synchronized RF Introduced in Lateral Abdominal Applicator

Article-Combined HIFEM and Synchronized RF Introduced in Lateral Abdominal Applicator

Sponsored by BTL Aesthetics Further expanding its innovation in the aesthetic market, the Emsculpt Neo® now accommodates a unique and powerful applicator explicitly designed to address the lateral abdomen.

Sponsored by BTL Aesthetics

A September 2021 market analysis by Medical Insight (Aliso Viejo, Calif.) revealed Emsculpt Neo® from BTL Aesthetics (Boston, Mass.) as the fastest body contouring therapy ever to reach 1 million treatments. Further expanding its innovation in the aesthetic market, this leading edge, non-invasive platform now accommodates a unique and powerful applicator explicitly designed to address the lateral abdomen. The sleek, new Edge® applic

Combined HIFEM and Synchronized RF Introduced in Lateral Abdominal Applicator - headshot

ators utilize a similar engineering marvel that married high-intensity focused electromagnetism (HIFEM) with Synchronized radiofrequency (RF) energy – technology that helped the Emsculpt Neo become the groundbreaking, no-downtime platform it is today. Now, with the introduction of the Edge applicators, the Emsculpt Neo treats all major body regions, further asserting its dominance in the medical aesthetic space.

Emsculpt Neo is the latest generation of the Emsculpt body contouring system (now Emsculpt Classic®) and uses both HIFEM and Synchronized RF® to treat muscle and fat. HIFEM is delivered in algorithm-guided application patterns throughout a 30-minute session to cause supramaximal muscle contractions, which has shown in research to induce hypertrophy and hyperplasia.1 The Synchronized RF component causes fat cell death in the area simultaneously. There is additional synergy at play whereby the RF enhances the muscle treatment, and the HIFEM causes upregulation of local metabolism to reshape the area further. Even patients with a BMI up to 35 can be treated. Furthermore, significant results can be achieved after a series of only four treatments.

Founder and medical director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology (Chicago, Ill.), Carolyn Jacob, MD, is involved in research using the Edge applicator, “This is a game-changer for reshaping the waist,” Dr. Jacob stated. “This is more than a new applicator; it is unlike anything out there as it directly stimulates the muscles and treats the fat in that region; it does not just slim down the love handles or muffin top. For fitter patients, it can give you that ‘cut’ on the lateral abdomen, which is incredibly difficult to achieve.”

“The capabilities and unique engineering of the Emsculpt Neo make the idea of treating the lateral abdomen not only an obvious and natural evolution, but also a much more reachable goal. They have hit a homerun with the Edge applicator,” stated Joel Cohen, MD, director of AboutSkin Dermatology in Denver, Colo. Dr. Cohen is also among those currently performing trials on this progressive new technology, “I have personally experienced the slimming and toning improvement myself. It is remarkable how differently my pants fit.”

While the aesthetic effect is remarkable, the improvement in musculature and functionality is life-changing for some. An entire course of Emsculpt Neo therapy is equivalent to between 12 and 16 weeks of high-intensity interval training, which, for some, would be impossible.2

Combined HIFEM and Synchronized RF Introduced in Lateral Abdominal ApplicatorFor example, tightening and improving the oblique muscles when treating the love handles and flanks can significantly enhance core strength, stability and posture. The elderly can benefit immensely from improved core strength and stability as well. “As we move forward, we are keeping a close eye on the effect of improving core musculature with the Edge applicator,” Dr. Jacob asserted. “The potential benefits to functionality are enormous. Everyone wants to see fat reduction as well. The future for this technology is exciting.”

Emsculpt Neo’s flexible Edge applicator is designed to snugly contour itself to the treatment area, a region not directly addressed by any other device. This makes it an ideal add-on sale for patients seeking treatment of the abdomen and flanks. The flexible Edge is also 50% larger than the Emsculpt Neo’s large applicators. Engineered specifically for its target, the anterior portion of the applicator delivers both HIFEM and RF while the posterior emits RF only. The applicators are affixed around the waistline, positioned between the ribs and hip joint, covering the abdomen posteriorly toward the flanks. “The placement is similar to placing both hands on your waist, in the natural position, with the fingers in front and thumbs in the back,” said Dr. Jacob.

Consisting of fatty deposits resistant to diet and exercise, and the convergence of multiple muscle groups and layers, the lateral abdomen is a distinctly challenging area to treat directly. It includes the external and internal abdominal obliques and the transverse abdominis, which is the deepest, and a key component of overall spinal protection and stability. To contend with these anatomical challenges, the Edge applicator features a homogeneous magnetic field using combined planar and focused coils to treat this region profoundly and thoroughly.

Due to the specifically engineered configuration, the four cross-sectional Synchronized RF electrode segments provide the requisite heat even in the applicator’s hinge area. “With the first treatment, there is always a bit of concern that it will be uncomfortable, but it is very manageable, and people quickly adapt to what, in the end, is a very natural sensation,” Dr. Cohen explained.

The safety and ease of use associaBefore and immediately after the final treatment in a series of Emsculpt Neo treatmentsted with Emsculpt technology are significant benefits; the device is virtually operator independent. Dr. Cohen emphasized, “A trained staff member can help get things going and can leave the room, it is that simple. Few devices are so safe, easy to use and provide great results so consistently.”

“These BTL technologies are data-driven and science-based,” Dr. Cohen pointed out, “They always take the deep dive using sham comparison studies and various measurement and imaging tools available, with repeated confirmation of results and user input driving further development.”

“It is hard not to be constantly amazed at the effort, engineering and research that consistently and continually goes into the ongoing development of every BTL device, and Emsculpt Neo technology is no exception. Be on the lookout because BTL is taking the reins of research and development and going places no other company has gone in the immediate and distant future,” Dr. Jacob indicated.


1. Duncan D, Dinev I. Noninvasive induction of muscle fiber hypertrophy and hyperplasia: effects of high-intensity focused electromagnetic field evaluated in an in-vivo porcine model: a pilot study. Aesthetic Surg J 2020 May;40(5):568-574.

2. Halaas Y, Duncan D, Bernardy J, et al. Activation of skeletal muscle satellite cells by a device simultaneously applying high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology and novel RF technology: fluorescent microscopy facilitated detection of NCAM/CD56. Aesthet Surg J 2021 July; 41(7):939-947.


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