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CLATUU Alpha rapidly freezes fat

Article-CLATUU Alpha rapidly freezes fat


Engineered to be physician- and patient-friendly, CLATUU Alpha, a recent offering from Classys, Inc. (Seoul, South Korea), harnesses the concept of cold panniculitis to achieve excellent results in less time, as well as the ability to recontour more body areas than ever before. Treatment cost is also greatly reduced due to the dramatically lower expense of associated consumables.

As plastic surgeon Villy Rodopoulou, M.D., of the KOSMESIS Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center (Athens, Greece) explained it, “Body contouring is extremely popular all over the world and cold-based treatment is one of the best ways to achieve results non-invasively, as long as patients have manageable localized unwanted fatty deposits. However, there have always been limitations. Treatment sessions are long and expensive, and until recently you could only treat certain body areas.”

According to Dr. Rodopoulou, CLATUU Alpha’s patented 360° Surround Cooling Cup technology provides approximately 20% better suction and achieves 18% better coverage than the previous version by cooling more internal fatty tissue to temperatures as low as other devices.

“By using this three-dimensional (3D) cooling cup rather than the usual two-plated/sided applicator, we get a deeper and more uniform 3D cooling effect, crystallizing fatty tissue without damaging skin. Improved suction allows us to reach lower temperatures safely, which gives us a better tissue response,” said Dr. Rodopoulou. The duration of treatment totals about 45 minutes per session (covering two areas) rather than the 50 to 70 minutes seen with competing devices.

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The device also features an expandable range of interchangeable cup sizes and shapes, allowing physicians to treat more body areas effectively. Cup offerings include Flat (abdomen, arms, inner thighs, anterior thighs, pubis, buffalo hump), Flat Mini (submentum and lateral neck, axila, knees), Wing (abdomen, flanks, gynecomastia in men and love handles), Wing Plus (abdomen, bra line, love handles, flanks and below the buttocks), and Wing Mini (submentum, axila, knees).

“We can treat almost from head to toe, at least to below the knees,” Dr. Rodopoulou stated. “Even difficult, but popular treatment areas, such as around the knees, can be reduced using CLATUU Alpha, and it is very easy to change cups.”

A novel but obvious innovation is CLATUU Alpha’s dual cup configuration; each cup is independently adjustable and can attach to the body at any angle thanks to the device’s flexible arms. In addition to treating more rapidly per applicator, the ability to use two cups simultaneously from a single platform further speeds treatment.

“Obviously, bilateral treatment will provide a better overall result faster, but any aesthetic device is costly, so being able to do this with a single device, as with CLATUU Alpha, provides us this functionality without having to purchase two machines,” Dr. Rodopoulou stated.

In Dr. Rodopoulou’s opinion, the cost of treatment is an especially attractive benefit for those residing in places such as Greece where the economy has been slow to rebound from a strong recession.

“With CLATUU Alpha the cost of consumables is very reasonable, so we are not forced to pass this cost on to the patient,” she said. “Here in Greece, and in the rest of the world, low cost makes this modality more accessible because more people can afford it, thus demand is driven by affordability as well as the safety, comfort and efficacy of treatment.”