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BTL Devices Provide True Non-Invasive Mommy Makeovers

Article-BTL Devices Provide True Non-Invasive Mommy Makeovers

Sponsored by BTL Aesthetics The ‘mommy makeover’ has historically involved a variety of procedures, up to and including surgery, to restore women’s bodies to some semblance of their pre- baby state. Using technologies from BTL Aesthetics (Boston, Mass.), including the Emsculpt or Emsculpt Neo, along with Emtone, can provide a dramatic non-invasive mommy makeover that not only helps restore the pre-baby look but functionality as well.

Sponsored by BTL Aesthetics

The ‘mommy makeover’ has historically involved a variety of procedures, up to and including surgery, to restore women’s bodies to some semblance of their pre- baby state. Using technologies from BTL Aesthetics (Boston, Mass.), including the Emsculpt or Emsculpt Neo, along with Emtone, can provide a dramatic non-invasive mommy makeover that not only helps restore the pre-baby look but functionality as well.

Emsculpt’s Emsella applicator provides ultimate pelvic floor muscle improvement. The hassle-free and comfortable nature of treatment appeals to busy mothers with little room for downtime. And, the safety, efficacy and ease of use with no consumables appeal to physicians and patients alike. The overall end result for patients is tighter tissue and fat reduction, as well as restoration and strengthening of the musculature.

Amanda Holde, MD

Amanda Holden, MD
Medical Director Holden Timeless Beauty San Diego, CA

Carolyn Jacob, MD, FAAD

Carolyn Jacob, MD
Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology
Chicago, IL

Patricia Wallace

Patricia A. Wallace, MD
Center for Pelvic Health and Wellness Mission Viejo, CA

According to Amanda Holden, MD, medical director of Holden Timeless Beauty in San Diego, Calif., the unique, non-invasive capabilities and hassle-free nature of these therapies lend perfectly to providing restoration and recovery, given the challenges every new mother faces post-partum. “In addition to the medical issues we see, such as weight gain, loss of muscle tone, dias- tasis recti, incontinence and tissue laxity, new moms are overwhelmed, exhausted and often depressed,” she explained. “The sleep and feeding schedule of the newborn is demanding. Even if they worked out before, they often don’t have time or energy, or the inclination, for quite a while after childbirth. Pregnancy and childbirth take their toll. That is why I love BTL noninvasive mommy makeovers. In about an hour of office time, they can relax and undergo the Taut and Toned protocol using Emsculpt and Emtone for approximately 30 minutes each. These are incredibly safe and effective, relatively comfortable, easy to perform and undergo treatments, that don’t require preparation or takedown so the transition between therapies can be smooth.”

Carolyn Jacob, MD, director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology (Chicago, Ill.), agreed. “I respect what more invasive measures can achieve, but new moms don’t have time for downtime, especially working moms, even those who work from home – especially during COVID-19 where the gym isn’t necessarily an option. There is also a cost differential between the relatively affordable, no-downtime non-invasive mommy makeover and the more invasive, possibly surgical option that includes the cost of downtime. And nobody has to know you are doing it, which is quite important to some women.”

“This non-invasive protocol is quicker than a massage but can make you look and feel better,” she added. “I’ve found that moms who are struggling with motivation to take steps forward in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle are invigorated by the more easily achieved, yet profound results with the non-invasive mommy makeover. It is exciting to know that you are improving the structure and function of your body and sort of jump-starting your lifestyle.”

Taut and Toned refers to a combination protocol with a 30-minute treatment using Emsculpt or Emsculpt Neo, followed by 30 minutes of Emtone. Emsculpt’s high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy non-invasively causes powerful supramaximal contractions in target musculature, with clinically tested results showing increase in muscle mass and density of fibers. Localized metabolic effects induce modest fat reduction in the treatment area as well, especially with the Emsculpt Neo, which synergistically adds a uniquely engineered radiofrequency (RF) component to the handpiece for previously impossible simultaneous HIFEM/RF therapy.

Although Emsculpt Neo provides demonstrated superiority to the original Emsculpt, it is the addition of Emtone that makes the protocol a winner because it induces surface and subsurface tissue contraction, as well as improved local microcirculation. Emtone’s marriage of targeted pressure energy (TPE) and RF also disrupts the fibrous septae, which further fights cellulite. Together they represent top-down and bottom-up treatment. “Onset or exacerbation of cellulite is common, and adding Emtone helps bring that under control, with Emsculpt adding the support of improved musculature from below with tighter, improved tissue toward the surface,” Dr. Holden explained.

Before and one month after the last treatment of Emsculpt Neo Photos courtesy of BTL Aesthetics

“Especially in the latter stage of pregnancy when workouts really fall off, you lose tone in the butt, so a non-invasive lateral glute lift with Taut and Toned helps restore that area,” she added.

For Core to Floor treatment, the Emsella applicator ‘chair’ for Emsculpt devices will directly apply HIFEM and induce supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor – intuitively a vital region after childbirth, especially for those dealing with the potentially persistent incontinence common among women post-partum.

“Essentially, these BTL technologies can provide total core treatment, which is the foundation for overall functionality,” said Patricia A. Wallace, MD, director of the Center for Pelvic Health and Wellness (Mission Viejo, Calif.). “Emsella causes hypertrophy in the levator muscles, which are the foundation of the pelvic floor. It strengthens the foundation of the core, stabilizes the back, abdomen and pelvis which improves posture. It also improves pelvic floor dysfunction and urinary incontinence. More importantly, it reduces the chance of future injury with activity or later pregnancy and childbirth.”

According to Dr. Wallace, women are relatively unaware of the pelvic floor consequences of pregnancy. “The added pressure of pregnancy over months causes a reduction in pelvic floor function,” she noted, “and in the case of natural childbirth, the baby passes directly through the pelvic floor, which causes direct and indirect damage. Most people cannot do Kegel exercises properly, and regardless, one could never do enough to come close to what Emsella can do. Emsella actually induces hypertrophy in the area, meaning that it can be made stronger, which no other pelvic floor therapy can do.”

Emsculpt has also shown an improvement in diastasis recti in clinical studies, common among women post-pregnancy. “Using Emsculpt to close this gap in the abdominal muscles is a great nonsurgical alternative,” Dr. Wallace added. “This has functional benefits, but women are also self-conscious of their appearance due to the separation, so we see improvement in self-image as well.”

Dr. Jacob recommends quarterly maintenance treatments and lauds the ability of the devices to treat the whole body. “This is easy. It keeps things moving forward, maintains the result and helps keep motivation up as well. And, because you can treat the whole body, patients are inclined to do that – arms, legs and more. For those willing to do it, they have a full-body therapy at their disposal.”

Before and after four 60-minute treatments with Taut and Toned Emsculpt plus Emtone Photos courtesy of Amanda Holden, MD

“We even have what we call a ‘medical gym membership’ where patients can come in and do this,” Dr. Holden added. “It is great for moms who want to put in the extra work on themselves and have relaxing ‘me’ time simultaneously.”

“Women need to do this sooner rather than later,” Dr. Wallace expressed; “in their 20s and 30s, not when they are 50. This will provide lasting maintenance of quality of life at a higher level than if they wait.”

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