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Breakthrough Skin Lifting Technology with Sofwave

Article-Breakthrough Skin Lifting Technology with Sofwave

Sponsored by Sofwave; Many of today’s aesthetic patients want noticeable skin lifting results with a comfortable, non-invasive treatment.

Sponsored by Sofwave

headshot faculty Sofwave SUPERBMany of today’s aesthetic patients want noticeable skin lifting results with a comfortable, non-invasive treatment. Sofwave(San Clemente, Calif.) meets patient expectations by providing a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles while noticeably lifting the eyebrows, neck and submental areas. Sofwave’s unique Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB ) technology is FDA cleared for lifting indications, enabling physicians to elevate their practices with a treatment that provides remarkable results. In addition to lifting the neck, brow and submental, Sofwave has recently been given FDA clearance to include the short term improvement of cellulite on the body, providing practices with even more ways to treat their patients with Sofwave.

Unlike other ultrasound-based treatments, Sofwave targets a wider treatment area, allowing patients to see a more comprehensive improvement in their skin quality. The ultrasound beam heats tissue at a depth of 1.5 mm, stimulating a healing response for collagen production, while also controlling damage and minimizing risks. The treatment is safe for men and women of all skin types, including darker skin of all ethnicities.

Edward Zimmerman, MD, cosmetic surgeon and owner of Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nev., is a pioneer in laser technology and treatments, and shared how he uses Sofwave. “We added Sofwave to our practice nearly a year ago. It benefits any patient with evidence of skin aging and is one of my go-to treatments for brow elevation and treatment of superficial, lateral cheek ‘venetian blind’ rhytides,” he reported. “Some of our happiest patients are older women who want global improvement over several, less demanding visits without surgery or obvious evidence that they have had aesthetic procedures performed.”

According to Dr. Zimmerman, Sofwave has a modest learning curve, making it an easy procedure to learn. “Because it is delegable, it allows for an additional revenue stream as staff can also administer treatments. Sofwave provides predictable and reproducible results and can be used as a standalone treatment or bundled with procedures to optimize outcomes,” he reported. “It is truly a non-invasive ‘lunch time’ treatment that is relatively comfortable, and most patients can quickly return to their daily activities. It is also ‘color blind’ and not dependent on pigment as a target.”Sofwave_Before and After

Board-certified cosmetic and medical dermatologist Amy Lewis, MD (New York City, N.Y.), maintained that her patients also expect great results with little downtime to get those results and finds that Sofwave can deliver. “My patients are getting great results with lifting of the brow, jawline and neck area, as well as generalized firming and lifting of the entire face when treated. We are also seeing improved skin texture and lessening of those unwanted horizontal neck lines. It is a quick procedure, and well tolerated with topical numbing,” she explained.

“The treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs and offers a nonsurgical option that we did not have before,” Dr. Lewis continued. “Our patients have been very satisfied, and many make this part of their maintenance for their anti-aging or prejuvenation journey. They have referred their friends to come in for Sofwave or a cosmetic consultation.”

“Sofwave is a convenient, cost-effective device to have, and has been a win-win addition for the practice, practitioners and patients alike,” noted Dr. Zimmerman. Adding Sofwave to any aesthetic practice can help physicians meet patient expectations and elevate their practice with a skin tightening treatment that is comfortable and convenient while providing noticeable results.

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