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Medical Aesthetic Vanguard (MVP) Interview with Cristian Andres Vargas, DDS at TAS 2023

Video-Medical Aesthetic Vanguard (MVP) Interview with Cristian Andres Vargas, DDS at TAS 2023

During TAS 2023, in the TAG Theater, we caught up with Cristian Andres Vargas, DDS, recognized as an MVP. Informa Markets Aesthetics has initiated the Medical Aesthetic Vanguard Program (MVP) to propel emerging thought leaders to the next level of their careers. Tailored for innovative aesthetic practitioners with under a decade of experience, poised to shape the landscape of aesthetic medicine, MVP equips participants with essential resources for heightened visibility and invaluable networking opportunities within the medical aesthetic sphere.


Watch the video below!


"Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Aesthetic Theater. I have here a well-accomplished surgeon with us, Dr. Christian Andres, coming from Chile. Yes, welcome. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Absolutely. It's my pleasure to have you here. You do some amazing work in Chile. Tell us about it. Thank you. Well, I am a dental surgeon in Chile, South America. Um, and then I have a diploma in neuro-facial aesthetics, which I have done in Florida last year. So I am new here in the aesthetics and yes, it's an honor to be here for me. Um, well, here I am. Well, thank you for gracing us with your presence. We definitely appreciate you taking this time. So we need to be interviewed. Thank you. My first question, which there are so many questions, but the first exciting one is, what motivated you to focus on racial harmonization in transgender and gender diverse individuals..."

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