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The Aesthetic Awards introduces peer voting at ninth annual ceremony

Article-The Aesthetic Awards introduces peer voting at ninth annual ceremony

The Aesthetic Awards introduces peer voting at ninth annual ceremony

For nine years, The Aesthetic Awards have honored the exceptional outcomes and accomplishments from some of the finest practitioners and product manufacturers in aesthetic medicine. This year, hundreds of submissions and nominations representing surgical, nonsurgical, practice management and industry innovation were received from individuals and companies truly transforming the medical aesthetic industry. On July 13, 2019 attendees at The Aesthetic Show’s social event celebrated Carl Thornfeldt, MD as the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and, for the first time ever, had the opportunity to vote on finalists in each awards category via The Aesthetic Show mobile app and in-person voting stations at the conference. And, to add an element of suspense, the results of voting have been kept confidential until now! Congratulations to this year’s winners who should feel especially accomplished for earning the respect of their peers.

This 70-year-old female patient with extensive wrinkles and sun damage received:

• Six syringes of Bellafill and one syringe of Sculptra prior to MiXto fractional CO2 resurfacing

• Wrinkle touchup six months later with five syringes of Bellafill

• Erbium laser treatment to remove nevi and actinic keratoses

• Ongoing maintenance treatments with Cutera’s excel V 532 nm laser

This 63-year-old female patient presented with the chief complaint of facial aging. She received the following treatments:

• Facelift, neck lift, facial fat grafting and Laser resurfacing to the lower eyelids, lower eyelid blepharoplasty central face, forehead and perioral region

This male patient received the following treatments:

• Four BTL EMSCULPT treatments to the abdomen given in intervals of two to three days over the course of two weeks

After a massive weight loss, this 44-year-old female patient received the following:

• A breast augmentation and lift

• Tummy tuck with rectus diastasis repair

This 42-year-old female patient presented with the chief complaint of body contour deformity (excess skin, distorted belly button and protruding periumbilical region). Physical examination revealed an umbilical hernia and severe diastasis recti (above and below umbilicus). The patient did not want to manage drains during recovery so she received the following treatments:

• TubelessTuck (drainless abdominoplasty)

• Simultaneous umbilical hernia repair

This 32-year-old female patient underwent a prior botched breast augmentation that left her with symmastia and severely asymmetric breasts. Her corrective surgeries included the following:

• Removal of existing 250 cc moderate profile saline implants and replacement with 325 cc moderate plus profile silicone breast implants

• Internal bra suturing for correction of asymmetry and symmastia

Young Medical Spa has been in practice for 15 years with two locations and a third location coming soon. When the practice started, it was just Dr. Young and his wife, Paula Di Marco Young, RN, and no patients. Today, Young Medical Spa is a $5 million a year medical spa and growing exponentially each month.

Dr. Young and Paula are always seeking the latest technologies and trends to bring to their patients. Setting the trend for new procedures and technologies in the area, Young Medical Spa is considered the “practice to follow”. Dr. Young and Paula’s visions and goals are to bring the most efficacious technologies to patients while decreasing or eliminating downtime and discomfort.

Early in his career, Carl Thornfeldt, MD, embarked on an extensive journey focused on researching abnormalities of the skin barrier, cutaneous inflammation, drug delivery, disease conditions and herbal-based therapies that improve the health and well-being of patients around the world.

He has authored over 50 scientific articles including chapters in eight textbooks about cosmeceuticals, drug delivery, natural products and dermatology, and has over 22 U.S. patents – all while maintaining his busy clinical dermatology practice.

Believe it or not, his passion for medicine began as a child on a rural sheep farm in Eastern Oregon. This established his love for rural America.

Upon learning about the lack of dermatologists around the southern Oregon / Idaho border, when he graduated, he set up a practice in the area and dedicated his career to serving the residents of these communities.

In addition to caring for his patients, his ongoing research and running his renowned skincare company Epionce, he is a beloved employer to his practice and company staff, as well as his research teams; an integral part of his community; and a dedicated family man. With all of these accomplishments, it is easy to understand why Dr. Carl Thornfeldt is this year’s winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Clinical Power Trio is DefenAge’s core regimen. Recent clinical observations and reports show that Clinical Power Trio is extremely effective in addressing signs of melasma. DefenAge’s exclusive and proprietary ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins, reprograms our own body to create new and young skin through activation of dormant cells, hidden within our body. DefenAge® treatment enables the epidermis to reflect light in a distinct way.

DefenAge Skincare is a technology- driven, evidence-based skincare line, primarily distributed through the professional aesthetic market including dermatology and aesthetic surgery practices. DefenAge products can be combined with other skincare regimens. The products do not contain animal- or human-originated ingredients, parabens, formaldehyde- releasing preservatives, sulfates, mineral oils, colorants, phthalates or BPA.

Luxea is a new modular and continuously expandable system that includes nine pulsed light and laser handpieces. This system provides users with greater power for quicker, more effective aesthetic treatments, enhanced and optimized cooling for greater safety, improved patient comfort, as well as improved handpiece ergonomics for greater operator comfort.

Luxea offers multi-pulse selection, top hat technology and proper pre-cooled hand- pieces for optimal results in hair removal, vascular and benign pigmented lesions, acne, skin resurfacing, anti-aging, wrinkles and tattoo removal. Luxea is the ideal solution to expand any aesthetic practice.

This father-daughter team never thought they’d be business partners in a cosmetic and aesthetic medical practice consulting company. Following his retirement from corporate America, Jay was the practice administrator for one of South Florida’s top dermatology and plastic surgery practices. In 2011, Jay’s wife, the medical director of this practice, was suddenly diagnosed with stage four cancer. When she lost her short battle several months later, Jay knew it was his calling to share his knowledge with the medical community. Mara, then owner of her own marketing and public relations company, jumped in to help her dad through his grief, both personally and professionally. Together they turned a side hustle into what it has become today – an award-winning, nationally-known practice management company helping doctors save time, money and heal the pain that comes with being a business owner!

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